Encore Dance Recital 2021

Recorded June 23, 2021 at Encore Dance Studio (Parking Lot)

1. Beginner Ballet “Dinner Rush” 2. Tiny Tots “Cuppy Cake” 3. Beginner Jazz “Gummy Bear" 4. Novice Ballet “On Top of Spaghetti” 5. Beginner Acro “Tutti Frutti” 6. Novice Tap “Honey Honey” 7. Beg/Nov Hip Hop “Kids in a Candy Store” 8. Acro I “Peanut Butter Jelly” 9. Nov/Jr hip Hop “Cake” 10. Company r Jazz “Walk the Dinosaur” 11. Jr Jazz “Candy” 12. Company c Ballet “Welcome to the Circus” 13. Neveah Walker “ Harry Potter Medley” 14. Mikaela Klomp “I’m a Lady” 15. Hope Tupling “Lollipop” 16. Madelyn Drone “Ruby Blue” 17. Alivia Lane “Lemon”vv 18. Chelsea Gosse “Jailhouse Rock” 19. Company o Tap “The Martian Hop" 20. Jr Comp Hip Hop “Wait a Minute” 21. Company o Jazz “It’s My Party” 22. Company c Jazz “Dance Like Yo Daddy” 23. Company c Lyrical “Over the Rainbow” 24. Hope Tupling “Magic Happens” 25. Company c Tap “Say Hey” 26. Mini Company Hip Hop “School’s Out” 27. Lily & Madelyn “Up” 28. Musical Theatre “Coffee Break” 29. Teen Jazz “Heard it through the Grapevine” 30. Acro II “Watermelon Sugar High” 31. Teen Ballet “Strawberry Fields” 32. Teen Hip Hop “Panini” 33. Teen Tap “Beans & Cornbread 34. Alyssa & Halle “Best Friend” 35. Kylee Martin “Supercut” 36. Emma Lashbrook “Thru the Night” 37. Alyssa Scheifele “Neon Lights” 38. Halle Detweiler “Kindergarten Love Song” 39. Sophia Flinkert “Good Girl Winnie Foster” 40. Alyssa & Lily “Castle” 41. Kylee Martin “How We Do” 42. Halle Detweiler “Queen 43. Company n Jazz “Make Me Feel” 44. Grad Dance 45. Sr Comp Hip Hop “Comin’ in Hot” 46. Sr Sm Group HH “Yonce” 47. Co E Ballet “Last Days” 48. Co E Ballet “A Night at the Ballet” 49. Co E Pointe "Wildest Dreams" 50. Co E Tap Tightrope 51. Co E Jazz “Birds” 52. Co E Lyrical “Rock Bottom” 53. Sr Lyr Group “Creep” 54. Sydney Gillespie “All This Love” 55. Manja Enns “Great One” 56. Alyssa Flinkert “Trouble” 57. Jaylyn Schaefer “Best I’ll Ever Sing” 58. Renee Gaudet “Miss Invisible” 59. Abigail & Mackenzie “Sunflower” 60. Emily Morden “Waltz” 61. Sydney Gillespie “Sense of Home” 62. Alyssa Flinkert “Sorry” 63. Abigail Olmstead ”Paris in the Rain” 64. Jillian McGrath ”Complicated” 65. Meghan & Sydney “I Will Be” 66. Georgia Perry “Came Here for Love” 67. Sydney Detweiler “Moonlight” 68. Meghan Strauss “Jealous”

EDC 12 Company c Ballet “Welcome to the Circus”
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