Georgetown Dance Company Recital 2021

Recorded June 21st, 2021 at the Georgetown Dance Company Parking Lot

1. Mila Wisniewski “When I Grow Up” 2. Paige & Sadie “Sunshine Lullaby 3. Ella Grimsey “Locomotion” 4. Grace Brown “Down in New Orleans” 5. Kori Curtis “Kiss Kiss Boom Boom” 6. Mila Wisniewski “Rule the World” 7. Sadie Fisher “Better When I’m Dancin” 8. Paige Noseworthy “You Can’t Stop the Beat” 9. Ella & Grace “Let’s Get Married” 10. Keldon & Diana “Nothing Compares” 11. Sadie Fisher “Conga” 12. Mini Acro “5,6,7,8” 13. Mini Tap “Choo Choo Cha Boogie” 14. Mini Jazz “I’m a Lady” 15. Mini Hip Hop “Say What" 16. Sm Fry Company "Stupid Cupid", "Sea Cruise" , & "Leaving on a Jet Plane" 17. Novice Jazz "Signed Sealed Delivered" 18. 11-12 Hip Hop “Work from Home” 19. 5-7 hip hop “Fire burning” 20. Beginner Ballet “Rocket Man” 21. 8-10 Hip Hop “DNA” 22. Jr Jazz “Freeze Frame” 23. Megan Gingrich “Twist My Arm” 24. Jordan Curtis “Caged” 25. Maya & Morgan “No Excuses” 26. Keldon Mumford “He’s a Dream” 27. Sarah Catalano “Real Wild Child” 28. Maya Wisniewski “Hit Me with a Hot Note” 29. Jordan & Megan “Accentuate the Positive” 30. Morgan Frazer “P.Y.T” 31. Keldon Mumford “Leg it Go” 32. Myah Brown “Dancing with Myself” 33. Maya & Megan "Crabbuckit" 34. Jr Lyrical “Supermarket Flowers” 35. Jr Acro “Money” 36. Jr Jazz “Burnin Up” 37. Jr Hip Hop “Missy Mix" 38. Teen Hip Hop “Money” 39. Acro “Pirates of the Caribbean” 40. Teen Jazz “Work” 41. Musical Theatre “Money Money Money” 42. Teen Lyrical “The Scientist” 43. Sierra Anderton “Warrior” 44. Sirena DeAbreu “Our Father” 45. Zoe Gingrich “The Way I Do” 46. Caite Theodore “Dancing on my Own” 47. Alicia Rolke “Joy” 48. Sierra Anderton “Issues” 49. Sirena DeAbreu “Dance Monkey” 50. Zoe Gingrich “Better with you” 51. Riley Brewer ”Dead in the Water” 52. Caite Theodore “Forgive Me Love” 53. Maggie Frazer ”Girl in 14G” 54. Alicia Rolke & Sierra Anderton “Emergency” 55. Sierra & Sirena “Secret” 56. Riley Brewer “Love Me or Leave Me” 57. Ava Aguilera “I do what I love” 58. Diana Stoianov “On the nature of Daylight” 59. Maggie Frazer “Anxiety” 60. Mackenzie Thomas “I want to Dance with Somebody” 61. Brianna Catalano “Bitter Earth” 62. Nicole Laurie “Boys” 63. Ava & Maggie Irvine "Remember the Name" 64. Sr Jazz “Burlesque” 65. Sr Lyrical “Unchained Melody” 66. Sr Acro “Message to all Women” 67. Sr Hip Hop “I Know” Sr Pointe "Skyfall"

GDC 16a Stupid Cupid - Sm Fry Company
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